10 Pillars

of the Visionary

by Bret Wade & Jeremy Lopez

MP3 Download Teaching Series

This teaching series was created to empower and awaken you to be the visionary you were designed to be. 

"But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear." – Matthew 13:16 (NIV)

Learn to embrace, build and create the foundation to awaken the visionary within you.

"Then the LORD told me: "I will give you my message in the form of a vision. Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance."  Habakkuk 2:2 (CEV)

This 10 Part MP3 Teaching Series Includes:

  • Recognizing & Embracing the Visionary Inside of You by Bret Wade
  • Visually Grounding Your Future by Jeremy Lopez
  • Developing and Sustaining Your Focus by Bret Wade
  • Stretching Your Vision (Visionary) Realm by Jeremy Lopez
  • Making Destiny Happen by Jeremy Lopez
  • Vision Bearers Set the Standard by Bret Wade
  • Creating the Visual by Bret Wade
  • Five Different Types of Visions by Jeremy Lopez
  • Embracing Transformation by Bret Wade
  • The Power of a Visionary by Jeremy Lopez


Bret Wade

Bret "Maverick" Wade is a catalytic thought leader. He is an internationally recognized speaker and leader in understanding and embracing transformation. His message is delivered with an intense transparency, relevance and insight accompanied with humor. 

He currently directs the development of Fresh Vision, a coaching and teaching company based in Huntsville, Alabama. Fresh Vision provides coaching, consulting, courses, resources and training events to bring transformation to individuals, businesses and ministries.

Jeremy Lopez

Dr. Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International and Now is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the worlds largest prophetic resource websites that reaches well over 153,000 people around the globe and distributes ebooks, books, audio downloads, teaching CDs and DVDs. Jeremy has taught and prophesied to thousands of people from all walks of life such as local church congregations, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders, musicians, and various ministries around the world concerning areas such as financial breakthrough's, life changing decisions and discovering your career.


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